Two is company, Four is a party

Two is company, Four is a party

It began innocently enough, I honestly hadn't intended to take it this far. In fact, Doctor, I enjoy my weekends and had no plans for such an excursion.

As I start to get my hands dirty with arcade repair I've had my eyes out for a potential project cabinet to break the ice on some restoration work. It's a natural extension and cycle of owning arcade games to needing to learn to repair them to realizing that you could use those same skills to rebuild and refurbish aging cabinets. But there are a lot of moving parts and it can be a huge investment in time as well as money. I came across a deal from someone in the Baltimore area selling a cabinet with basically all the parts and brand new art sourced, a project cabinet that was just about ready to go and just needed everything to come together. I'll write more about that particular project soon, as it deserves its own post and will likely be a series of posts wherein I learn the ins and outs of arcade restoration, but it's going to be a fun one. :)

Meanwhile, if you're going to rent a U-haul truck and drive to Maryland, it only makes sense to see what else is out there (does this sound familiar?). One thing led to another and here we are:

4 new arcade machines

The Tron cabinets was the one I had my eye on, I found it on an eBay auction and reached out to the seller to make a deal. Not only was the pricing on target but he said "I also have a Pacman and Galaga I can do a group deal on". Then a post on KLOV gets bumped from someone in Fairfax looking to unload a near mint condition Millipede. It was like the map was set for me and after coordinating the U-haul on Saturday night I woke up early Sunday morning and set off for Baltimore (The rhythm of town, starts calling me down, It's like a message from high above).

So the arcade has grown in leaps and bounds at this point and may start to be bursting at the seams of Cowork/Reclaim Video. But one thing is clear, this obsession has only just begun. I'll be updating the collection at Reclaim Arcade, a space where Jim and I's blog posts are aggregated and perhaps much more to come.