You Are Cordially Invited

### Dear DS106,

You are cordially invited to attend a midnight showing of a 1987 Christmas Classic, "A Muppet Family Christmas" in honor of the holidays. IMDB gives the storyline as follows: > When Fozzie and the Muppet Show gang drop in unexpectedly on Fozzie's mother, she is forced to cancel her winter vacation plans and entertain them all. Soon the Sesame Street gang comes by as carolers, and then Kermit and his nephew Robin discover a Fraggle Rock hole in the basement. A snow storm blows in, stranding everyone at the house, except for Miss Piggy, who arrives just in time for all the Muppets to celebrate Christmas together.

Here are the details on how you can join is this movie extravaganza. The movie will be streamed live to DS106TV. If you are shy and just want to watch the movie but not participate, this is the best way to do that. If, however, you want to participate with the rest of the crew please plan on calling me (timmmmyboy) on Skype at or around midnight Friday night. In "Mystery Science Theater" style we will provide ongoing commentary while drinking wine, eggnog, or whatever vice you might imbibe in as we enjoy the holiday movie together. An audio-only crosscast to #ds106radio will be provided as well. I do look forward to seeing and hearing both old and new faces. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year. Sincerely, Timmmmmyboy