The 7:30 Project

[S]o Andy Rush came up with a great idea, document all the off-the-wall things I come up with in the early hours of the morning when I get to work. You see, for the time being my wife and I are commuting to Fredericksburg from Richmond. Since she likes to get to work by 8, that means I'm usually at the DTLT office by 7:15 or 7:30 in the morning. I've always tended to do some of my best thinking in the morning (when coffee is in the mix of course) so it's typical for me to be waiting anxiously for Andy, Martha, or Jim to enter the office to excitedly tell them about what I've come up with. Some time ago I decided I could get some cool things put together by simply telling myself "What will you do today, Tim?" and Andy suggested I start a site, "The 7:30 Project" to document it. Since I hope to not be doing this awful commute for too long I figure it's best kept here on the blog so you will start seeing a new category of posts here where I will be documenting what my "7:30 Project" today was. If nothing else it's a good excuse to keep me in the practice of regularly blogging and documenting some of the things I'm doing at UMW. If you love them or have ideas to expand on them hit me up in the comments. If you hate them, blame Andy. Easy peasy, let's do this.