TDC: The Story of a Photo

After putting together The Daily Create earlier this year I've been lucky to have Alan Levine refining the backend of the site and loading up a bunch of assignments. The semester got so busy I didn't end up participating all that much but decided to jump back in yesterday, and I'm glad I did. Yesterday was a video assignment to tell a story about an old photo. What I love about these types of assignments is that you get to see an intimate moment of the other ds106 participants as they tell a story on camera. I only wish we could figure out the Youtube feed, for some reason there are massive delays for some folks and even my video is still on available on the TDC site a day later. In any case it gave me an opportunity to pull out one of many embarrassing photos from my childhood and talk on camera, plus I got to play around with the video feature of our shiny new camera. Here's what I submitted: