SodaStream comes to DTLT Today

2 weeks ago I just happened to be thinking about items you could buy that would end up "paying for themselves" in some way. You always here about items like programmable thermostats that end up saving enough money in the short term to be worth the investment. I asked this over at Reddit and received a TON of responses (1750 comments total on that post! Madness). One of the suggestions was a SodaStream which particularly interested me because I love soda, as do many of the folks in my office. I had never used one and asked about it on Twitter and folks who had one unanimously loved it. Then GNA Garcia replies back to me with this: I figured that sounded like an awesome idea to give a shot. I e-mailed their PR department asking about the possibility of showing one on the show and they agreed! Early this week the SodaStream showed up at the office and we began thinking about how we could have fun with it on the show. Leanna Giancarlo in the Chemistry department at UMW hooked us all up with lab coats and googles and we even had student volunteers join us on the show. We had an absolute blast! Some folks (who probably need a bit more soda in their life) felt like we were selling out. But honestly, the fact of the matter is that I pay quite a bit of money to run DTLT Today out of my pocket between the streaming costs and pro Blip account and happily do so, but if every now and then a company wants to throw a bone are way and it's something we think is actually pretty damn cool, you better believe we'll consider it. Check out what ended up being an epic episode of DTLT Today!