Professional Services for Reclaim Hosting

Last year we rolled out a new offering to our shared hosting plans called Professional Services, though it was not something we pushed too heavily. At the time we were attempting to balance the needs of folks that perhaps needed a higher level of support. Maybe they needed to get on the phone with someone or maybe their site had been the victim of regular attacks and they needed help getting things cleaned up and locked down. While we are constantly trying to go above and beyond for all customers, as we grow it's not possible for us to give that level of attention to our user base of more than 10,000 customers today. Likewise our managed hosting and institutional contracts do receive a higher level of attention, but the cost there is often well outside the budget of smaller projects.

Professional Services is $50/month and an option for any shared hosting account large or small. Customers who choose professional services move to the front of the support queue and we do our best to go the extra mile with every issue. One great example was where I personally worked through a complicated upgrade to a customer's TikiWiki install bringing them up-to-date and making sure there was no data loss. That kind of consulting is just one of the many features we offer.

Today we are adding another feature that we know many folks will appreciate, performance. We have setup a server specifically for our professional services customers and we've optimized the hell out of it with great performance-based options like Litespeed. Additionally servers dedicated to our professional services clients will remain very low tenant to ensure a high level of performance. We know from experience that a lot of projects often exceed the traffic/bandwidth needs that can be met with shared hosting, but can't justify the higher cost of buying a server. This is a great middle ground and you get the benefit of not just a huge performance boost, but all the other great features that our professional services customers receive.

Existing customers can read up on how to add professional services to their existing plans at and new customers will find the option available during the checkout process to add to their account. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.