I'm very excited to announce that starting today it is now possible to build and run Node.JS applications on Reclaim Hosting. Similar to the Python and Ruby features that make running Django and Jekyll possible, Node.JS is a third party plugin integrated into the Software area of cPanel. We have the latest versions of Node 6.x, 8.x, and 9.x available to build on and creating a node application gives you shell access to npm to integrate packages. Through the use of Passenger, applications can be built and run directly over Apache allowing you to run your application proxied to a top level domain or subdomain without port numbers.

This integration is very much developer-focused given the strong push by many to move beyond a basic LAMP stack and we're excited to make these tools possible. We have put together a tutorial on using this system to build a Ghost blog on your domain which can be accessed here. I should caution that not all Node applications will work in this environment, many of which also require things like Redis, MongoDB, etc which are not (yet) available within cPanel. But for developers looking to learn how to build and run server-side Javascript this is an excellent way to do that on a domain of your own.

*Node.JS support is available to all shared hosting plans as well as Domain of One's Own servers that currently utilize Cloudlinux. If you are a program manager and would like access to this, please reach out to discuss adding this feature.