Link Sharing through Tiny Tiny RSS

When Google Reader kicked the bucket I used Fever for awhile but had concerns when the developer decided to stop focusing on it and looked around for an alternative. There are several hosted services out there like Feedly and NewsBlur that seem nice, but I liked the idea of something under my own domain and settled at the time with Tiny Tiny RSS. It's rough around the edges for sure, but it has stuck for me for several years now and I still make reading RSS feeds a regular aspect of my work and life.

One of the cooler aspects I setup many years ago and used to use regularly was the ability to "publish" articles to a separate RSS feed. tt-RSS allows you to add your own notes which get appended to the top of the feed item. Here's how that looks in my feed reader:

This feed gets published at so the next step for me was to setup a basic WordPress site at and use FeedWordPress to pull that feed into what essentially is a link blog of republished excerpts along with my notes.

It's nothing revolutionary but while I hadn't stopped reading posts, I had more or less stopped publishing articles there so I'm making a more regular effort to keep this up. I doubt that link blog would be useful to many, but it's a nice low-barrier way for me to bookmark the stuff I'm interested in referencing in the future. Now all I need to do is clean house and update my feeds, something I've also neglected for way too long. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of good stuff (people do still blog right? Bueller?)