Link List 7/5/23

Link List 7/5/23
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via Chris Lott
The Man Who Broke Bowling
Jason Belmonte’s two-handed technique made him an outcast. Then it made him the greatest—and changed the sport forever.
The Condiment Packet Gallery
The miscellaneous category has some truly wild stuff
Electric flying car gets FAA approval for test flights | Boing Boing
Alef Aeronautics announced that its electric flying car, the “Model A,” has received a Special Airworthiness Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. The car is expected …
Flying cars are coming, I assume that personal jetpacks are right arround the corner?
Monday was hottest day for global average temperature on record, as climate crisis bites
Heatwaves sizzled around the world from the US south and the north of Africa to China and Antarctica
Not great...