Link List 7/19/23

Link List 7/19/23
Retro TV: Live 24/7 Vintage Cable TV Network on Raspberry Pi
During the pandemic lockdown, an old iPad became the catalyst for a three-year long passion project: transforming it into a 24/7 recreation (and parody) of 8…
via Grant Potter. This is magical and absolutely something I want to do in the arcade living room
Summer of spam
The internet used to be full of possibility. Now it’s full of spam.
When Open Becomes Opaque: The Changing Face of Open-Source Hardware Companies
Over the last 15+ years, innovative electronics companies have designed and released thousands of open-source hardware designs, creating a flourishing industry. Open-source hardware companies colle…
I did not realize this shift was happening with a lot of names I'm familiar with like Arduino and Prusa. The disclosure at the end of the article about using ChatGPT for the title is really interesting too.
Tiny Awards
Tiny awards, tiny prize, tiny trophy, big love