Finding My Voice

Staring at this box and wondering how many times I've been here before. The blog is just one example of course. I've started and stopped and started Twitter again. Join a group on here, sign up for a mailing list there, commit to finally getting off my ass and creating at least once every few months. And then life happens and it takes the back burner. Some other time. I don't have much to add to the noise anyway. New years are so full of resolutions and resolve it's almost pathetic to try to pretend I could make this one stand out any more than the rest. But here we are, and the time for apologies is over. So let's begin. ### In 2011, I will find my voice, and tell my story.

It's in writing now, and that was at least part of the battle right there. Putting it into words, laying it down on this piece of digital paper. For too long I've felt like I couldn't define myself on the web. I was too busy following to lead, too busy listening to speak, too busy reading what others have done, to do something myself and maybe even write about it. That's all about to change. I'm joining ds106 in January and this blog will be an integral part of that process. We're all coming together in this open online course for different reasons and that's OK. For me, this is about speaking up, creating and not just consuming on the web. Will you join me?