Everything is amazing, and no one is happy!

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Gardner Campbell's "No Digital Facelifts" and it's almost too much to digest in one thought or post. I imagine I'll be pointing back to it often over the next several weeks as ideas come to me. As he talked about the idea of having this "bag of gold" and offering it to people who so quickly become skeptical, wondering what they would do with it, I was reminded of a great clip of the comedian Louis C.K. talking about how everything is amazing and no one is happy. Have you seen it?

How quickly we feel the world owes us something that previously never existed.

How many things have we taken for granted today alone? Want to know how I woke up this morning? I set an alarm using a 10 inch touchscreen device that's also connected to the internet. That alarm could have been any song I wanted it to be and with a few taps it's set, and I woke up. Pretty amazing no? But check the comments when things go wrong. Grab that bag of gold and show me what you're made of.