DangerCon Maker Meetup in Fredericksburg

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend DangerCon, a collaborative meetup of the Fredhack group and NovaLabs in Reston, VA. I reached out to the Fredhack group earlier this past month to start forming connections and get ideas about UMW's own Makerspace that I'm working on with George Meadows. When they told me about the meetup I knew I had to go. DangerCon would include a variety of activities not normally considered suitable for a Makerspace including steel forging, metal welding, atlatl construction, and pyrochem classes with simple rocket building. The meetup was an absolute blast! The folks there were extremely inviting and open to having people start projects on the spot. I tried my hand at just about everything, and with most things I was coming as a complete newbie. It marks the first time I've ever welded two pieces of metal together, which was really cool and not as hard as I would have expected. I decided against camping the night and staying for gold prospecting the next day but I'm really looking forward to the next event of this kind. Below are just a few pictures and you can see more of them here. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]