Crowdfunding an Education

It shouldn't be this way. The ability to receive an excellent education shouldn't require us all to stand on the side of the road and lay our hats down to catch the loose change from those that pass by. I've written before about my struggle to come to terms with advancing my education and the cost (both monetary and mental) of doing so. But this isn't about me. This is a call to arms for someone I know very little of, and already admire a hell of a lot. Zac Chase authors the fantastic Autodizactic blog, which if you haven't read before should absolutely be on your RSS list, Instapaper'd, or whatever it is all you crazy goons are using these days. He has a fantastic 365 project that he's been working through and consistently just pumps out great content, which I know is no easy feat. He was accepted to Harvard's Masters of Education program. While no doubt a huge honor, that honor comes with an equally compelling price tag: $60,000. After having the door slammed at the possibility of merit scholarships he's attempting to fund this thing using his network of peers and the trickle-down effect it can have. I have nothing but admiration for this guy, because I know how difficult it can be to take something you truly believe in and be forced into a situation where you have to ask money for that thing you do. And the thing is, he's not even attempting to raise the full amount. Accepting he can make ends meet through other means he needs $40k to make this happen. And he needs us. I'm not so blind as to think I have some massive following of people that can drive traffic to this cause, but I have to believe every little bit counts. And I need this to count not just for Zac, but for myself. Because I have to believe that we can all rally together to fund the next generation of educational leaders. If our industry has any hope, it remains in people like Zac. That's got to be worth skipping a few business lunches. I'd encourage you to do 2 things. First and foremost, give. If you have the money and think you could spare it for a fellow educator, please invest in Zac. Every little bit counts. I've embedded his ChipIn widget below but he has more details on his blog. And the only other thing I'd ask is that you spread the word. When you're done reading this post, turn around and let your followers know about it. Tweet it, blog it, link it up. It doesn't cost a thing and it truly means everything. Please don't underestimate the positive impact you can have.