Blog Facelift

Blog Facelift

This week has been a bit of a return to the blog. It had started to become a running joke in the office that perhaps my posts should stop syndicating since things had gone stale around these parts. I may be off Twitter for good, but this thing is still alive dammit!

I half-contemplated maybe moving the whole thing to Grav or Jekyll or some other new fancy thing. But that's internal brain me trying to stall actually writing and truth be told I still love Ghost a lot. I had been hosting Ghost myself via a Docker container and updates were always a royal pain (replace certain files, cross fingers, restart Node, debug, etc). In fact we discontinued the managed hosting option for Ghost due to the recognition that we just weren't doing it well and didn't have much interest anyway. To add insult to injury the recent release of Ghost 1.0 offered no direct migration path and the recommendation was to reinstall a fresh copy and do an export/import. Great...

But then I found....well that's for another post. But let's just say I easily was able to fire up a 1-click install of the latest version of Ghost, migrate my content, and map my own domain on top. And it all might be easy enough to allow others to do the same :). So things are a bit shinier in here, mostly due to some upgrade to the default Ghost theme Casper that I use (and me getting comments turned back on).

One other thing that has got me fired up to be blogging more regularly to my surprise is the Ghost Desktop application. I've always only ever used the web app, but of course if I have to go to my site, login, and start writing that's a few steps that along the way I could get lost in Reddit or YouTube (or Zendesk...). But now I have this icon right down there that I can pop open and just go at it. It's a great experience! I think the app is little more than a wrapper to the site but it's clean and works perfectly so no complaints here.

So dust off your RSS Readers and hold all my calls cause Timmmmyboy is blogging!