3D Printing on Campus

Got news today that an article George Meadows had been interviewed for about our 3D Printing initiative is online at Campus Technology. I thought it was really well written and I love the way we're approaching this new technology as a form of empowerment for students. It is really transformative to see students recognize the power and shift that 3D printing provides, and we're just getting started.

The fascination instructors have with the MakerBot recalls an era when humans did more for themselves, muses Meadows. "Like we used to do with our cars. You'd go in and take things apart and fix things. With computerization it's difficult to do that. Now we're getting back to the idea of making something, building something, testing it, fiddling around with it, and rebuilding it. It goes back to that hands-on DIY ethic."

The article also reminded me that although I've talked a bit about the Makerbot here before it might not be readily apparent just how much time I've spent lately getting these things working and doing some incredible stuff with it. I decided rather than clog the tubes here with it all I'd start a blog over on UMW Blogs to detail some of that so if you're really interested in what we're doing make sure to follow our progress there!