365 Projects

As we prepare to close out 2010 and start that annual ritual of forgetting to write 2011 on everything with a date field, it's a popular time to start a 365 project. These types of things are notorious for failing (and you know what? That's ok too) but they can be a great exercise in putting stuff out there and committing to publishing and shipping your work and not just drafting and refining it. In a way it brings me back to ds106 because that's what the goal of it is for me, and I believe for many others: Make Some Art, Dammit. Boing Boing has a great wrap-up of a few 365 projects and points to an excellent blog 365: Make Something Every Day. Here are a few of my favorites that'll I'll certainly be sourcing for inspiration in the coming year:


As part of his thesis for the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Johnny Selman is sourcing BBC Headlines for material to create a poster a day from. Beautiful.#### Stormtroopers 365

Such a simple idea that ends up being incredibly entertaining, take a photo each day of 2 Stormtroopers. Related: 52 Weeks with the Fetts#### Daily Drop Cap

Jessica Hirsche, a typographer and illustrator working in Brooklyn, creates a drop cap letter each day while she is at work. These are gorgeous, and she even includes the embed code to use each of them in your blog as well. #### The Daily Nail

Get creative with something you do daily, then photograph the results. Such a simple idea that yields a creative body of work. Love. These only scratch the surface of what's out there. I'm not denying that committing to do something creative for 365 days in a row is not difficult, but I think you'll agree to portfolio of work that results from such an endeavor is worth it. I might just have to give it a try. Anyone else thinking of doing anything like this in 2011?